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large product photo   Every “Body” Lotion

– a moisturizer for the neck down!
It is made with the purest organic ingredients, including shea butter, vitamin e, and pure therapeutic essential oils.

Choose your favorite scent from the following:

Lavender – clean, relaxing and healing – the perfect all-purpose scent

Love Potion #3 – a fusion of rose otto, patchouli, and jasmine will make your heart sing.

Mirage of Kashmir – heady rose otto and a playful touch of vanilla are blended with sandalwood for a mystical, magical carpet ride.

White Carnations – reminiscent of your Nana’s summer garden at night…your first prom…simpler times. Pepper and a hint of clove blended with ylang-ylang and geranium spice up this fragrance that will take you back.

4 oz.