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Due to the economic times we are facing, I have chosen to reduce the price of some items. I hope that the economy turns around soon but I truly believe that natural pure botanicals are beneficial to all and should be as affordable as possible.

Please feel free to browse my products and be aware that they will be available to purchase soon.

May all sentient beings be well and happy! 

Please feel free to contact me .

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  Let's "Face" It
    -formulated for the sensitive skin of the face and neck...

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large product photo   Lip Balm
    - jojoba oil, coconut oil, beeswax, cocoa butter, vitamin e, castor oil, essential oils, flavoring and cosmetic grade mica...
large product photo   Every "Body" Lotion

    - a moisturizer for the neck down! ...

large product photo   Roll-on Perfume

    -choose your favorite fragrance and roll it on! ...

large product photo   Solid Perfume Sampler
    - one of each of the fragrance blends ...
large product photo   Perfume
    - your choice of fragrance in an organic oil base, in a limited edition bottle with a cork stopper...
large product photo   "Sole" Food Foot Balm

    - nourishment for tired, dry, achy feet ...

General Well Being
large product photo   Spritzers

    - shake it up! Pure essential oils in a filtered water base...


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