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"It is what it is...  you are what you eat... there are no mistakes"
from the book 'Villa Incognito'  ~written by Tom Robbins

  Let's "Face" It
    -formulated for the sensitive skin of the face and neck...

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large product photo   Lip Balm
    - jojoba oil, coconut oil, beeswax, cocoa butter, vitamin e, castor oil, essential oils, flavoring and cosmetic grade mica...
large product photo   Every "Body" Lotion

    - a moisturizer for the neck down! ...

large product photo   Roll-on Perfume

    -choose your favorite fragrance and roll it on! ...

large product photo   Solid Perfume Sampler
    - one of each of the fragrance blends ...
large product photo   Perfume
    - your choice of fragrance in an organic oil base, in a limited edition bottle with a cork stopper...
large product photo   "Sole" Food Foot Balm

    - nourishment for tired, dry, achy feet ...

General Well Being
large product photo   Spritzers

    - shake it up! Pure essential oils in a filtered water base...


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